MSC Orchestra The MSC Orchestra is the largest cruise ship that offers a five star holiday stay with the length of 293.80 meters. The owner of the MSC Orchestra is the Mediterranean shipping company with the cruising speed of 23 knots. It has the most modern fleet in the world with ten ships on board. The Allure of the seas ship performs the musical shows, ice shows and it was the first ship to telecast the 3D movie screen in the sea, they also feature the characters from the different Dreamworks movies. There are many eco friendly features associated with the allure of the seas like they have solar panels on the top deck that is used to generate the electricity during the absence of sunlight and the amount of electricity generated is around 1100 tons of fuel. A desalination plant is available in the lower deck that is used for the reverse osmosis process and used for the daily basic needs. Everything on the board is recycled and the sewage water is poured into the sea as clean water and for this purpose a sewage treatment plant is located in the cruise ship. The ship is provided with many entertainment activities. During daytime you can spend time in the shops, fairground ride that children love to take up. The ship has an aqua theatre with the depth of 5.4 m. During evening times they arrange for the water shows , gymnastics, trampoline etc… You can enjoy eating different cuisines in the restaurants.